It is located in the second “leg” (Peninsula) of Chalkidiki. While it is environed by idyllic and crystal clear beaches, where lush, green slopes and forests culminate, it gives the visitor the opportunity to experience the nature of mountain and sea at the same time.

Sarti Halkidiki

It is located at the eastern side of the Peninsula of Sithonia, 140 km. from Thessaloniki city.

From Sarti beach, which covers a remarkable distance along the village, someone can bask in the magnificent view of the opposite Peninsula “Mountain Athos” (“Holy Mountain”, Greek: Agion Oros).

Multiple colors “feast” during sunrise and sunset, offering the guest images of rare beauty and relaxation.The beach has been awarded with a blue flag as many other beaches of Sithonia.

The visitor is able to explore numerous enthralling beaches that spread northward (Achlada, Platanitsi, Kavourotripes, Portokali, Armenistis etc.) and southward (Platania, Agridia, Valti, Sikia, Pigadaki, Klimataria etc.).

Furthermore, someone can wander in the Mountain “Itamos” or “Dragounteli”, relishing the extremely ravishing nature into the green, dense forest.